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Get Connected!

Our connection groups are designed to help you connect to God and His people more personally. They also provide a comfortable atmosphere that fosters discussion and conversation. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

Pastor's Class

Enjoy some coffee and devotional time with Pastor Alexoff. This group gathers in the fellowship hall for a time of devotions and discussion. 


Wall Builders

This is a men's Bible study led by one of our deacons, Bob Knopp. Every Sunday Bob aims to lead a class which will enable men to become faithful leaders and examples. 

Proverbs 24:3 
Through wisdom is an house builded...


Ladies of Grace

Ladies of Grace is a women's Bible study fellowship led by Connie Knopp. Each week women gather together in Connie's class for encouragement and guidance from the scriptures. Coffee and treats are always available.

Kids in Church

Sunday School classes
for children and teens:

Ages 3-5      Mrs. Sendry
Ages 6-8      Tom and Norma Mclean
Ages 9-11    Eric and Patti Thyr
Ages 12-18  Jason and Keri Urchek

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